Villa Tinta на Odessa Wine Week 2021

The opening of Odessa Wine Week took place with the final of the project “Best Riedel glass for Odessa Black variety” within the framework of which Riedel – The Wine Glass Company officially chose the best glass for the local Ukrainian wine of Odessa Black variety (Aliberne).
???? From the 9 proposed glass options, the jury, which included winemakers, sommeliers, HoReCa representatives, chose glass #4.

Well, you can congratulate our Ukrainian native with the first official glass! We remind you that the 10 best samples were previously selected by an expert commission from the 32 declared positions of Odessa Black wines, and the aged Odessa Black 2017 Villa Tinta VIP Collection is in this top ten.

We are proud that our winery also participated in this event: Yuriy Tintulov, deputy director of production of Vynhol Oksamytne LLC, was on the jury:
“All of the 9 Riedel prototype glasses offered really reveal the multi-faceted Odessa Black in different ways. The winning sample #4 is a masterfully unique work, with slightly curved crowns, best demonstrating the individuality and character of this wine.”

On May 21, Iryna Polshakova, head of the Road of Wine and Taste of Ukrainian Bessarabia, presented the most interesting wine and gastronomic locations of Southern Odesa at the conference “Enogastronomic tourism is a driver of the development of tourist destinations.”
It’s time to choose an unforgettable route for your summer vacation with Villa Tinta!

As part of Odessa Wine Week, the all-Ukrainian tasting competition Odessa Wine & Spirit Awards 2021 (formerly Odessa Bay) was held, at which Villa Tinta wines did not go without honors: 2 gold and 2 silver in the treasury of awards of our winery.

Odessa Wine Week: Konstantin Tintulov with Villa Tinta awards

At Odessa Wine Week, the commercial director of Vinhol Oksamytne LLC, Kostiantyn Tintulov, received awards:
“It is a great honor for me to be here, continuing the work of my father, Valery Antonovych. These awards are another recognition of his work, because the wines of 2017 and 2019, created by him, continue to win the favor of the most demanding wine connoisseurs today.”

The surprises of this year’s Odessa Wine Week do not end there. The next event is a tasting of 5 of the most interesting wines of the Odessa Wine & Spirits Awards 2021 tasting competition at an altitude of 10,000 m. Detached from the ground, under the auspices of Odessa Wine Week and Ukraine International Airlines UIA, we are tasting 5 wines, 5 “business cards” of this year’s Odessa Wine Week, and among them is Riesling 2019 Villa Tinta, awarded this year with a gold medal!

Well, can everything be simple in Odessa? Truly heavenly tasting. The flight attendant of the Ukrainian wine world, Anna-Yevgeniya Yanchenko, gives the floor to the representative of the Villa Tinta brand, Kostyantyn Tintulov, in glasses of Riesling, life is beautiful, agree!

As noted by the sommelier of the event, Anna-Yevgeniya Yanchenko “Villa Tinta Riesling, 2019 You write to me about this wine in a direct message and I want to confirm to you – in a blind tasting it had a very high score, so you, those who recommend me to try this wine and assure me that the wine is cool, know that you right. The history of the winery is heart-breaking and such that in 50 years, great-grandchildren will be told that they were there and saw how it started to make its own wines and receive the first awards…”

We would like to thank all the organizers, the tasting jury for the independent professional assessment of Ukrainian wines, and all the wine enthusiasts who shared this week with us.

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