Vine-growing and wine-making farm “Vynhol Oksamytne” was founded in 1998 in the village of Velvet of the Bolhrad district of the Odesa region on the territory where Count Davydov’s vineyard chateau was located 120 years ago.

Count Davidoff castle in Topolyne village Villa Tinta
Winehall the first vineyards

For more than 15 years, our winery produced wines familiar to many consumers, bottled under the brands of other well-known brands. Since 2017, the company has decided to enter the Ukrainian market with its own brands.

This is how Villa Tinta® – a collection of dry ordinary wines from local and European grape varieties, Tintarella® – sparkling wines made using Sharma technology and Tinta® – semi-sweet blended wines appear.

Villa Tinta
winehall brand story Oksamytne village
Tintarella bottles in a basket

In 2018, our company, together with the winemakers of the Yalpug valley, participated in the creation of one of the first PDO Yalpug geographical indications in Ukraine for wines from the Odessa Black and Sukholimansky varieties and the PGI of the same name for wine from European grape varieties.

PDO logo
PGI logo

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