Our wine is for the inquisitive, for seekers, for those who want to discover a new taste and aroma for themselves, feel the sunny warmth of the south and the unique wine-growing area of Lake Yalpug (located in Danube Bessarabia). Because all power is always in the search.

We believe that the quality of the grapes largely determines the difference of the wine in the bottle. Working in the vineyards every day in the rhythm of the seasons: from pruning the vines to harvesting the grapes, we strive to reveal the full potential of the Yalpug Lake Valley terroir, combining the age-old winemaking traditions of our region and modern technologies, constantly improving the production process of our wines.

Today, our company owns its own 550 hectares of vineyards and has partnerships with many local winegrowers, processing grapes from more than 600 hectares of vineyards. Selecting the most adapted to the conditions of our microclimate, we gathered a large collection of European and local grape varieties, becoming one of the largest producers of grapes and wines from Muscat, Odesa Black and Cabernet Sauvignon in Ukraine.

A large number of sunny days, loamy soils, control of the load on the vine, manual harvesting of grapes, minimum delivery time “from the bush to the press” create a quality wine of guaranteed origin.

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