Spring harvest of Villa Tinta medals

Spring harvest of Villa Tinta medals

Congratulations on the new victories of the WTA nominee – Villa Tinta in the nomination The Visiting Card of the Country/Must Visit/, which in recent months has received more than ten medals at international and Ukrainian wine competitions.

Villa Tinta is one of the first wine enterprises established in independent Ukraine. The family winery, which was founded in 1998 under the name “Vynhol Oksamytne” by one of the most authoritative winemakers of Ukraine Valery Tintulov, is now managed by Mr. Tintulov’s wife Tetiana and their children Kostiantyn and Yuriy.

Villa Tinta owns 550 hectares of its own vineyards (and also processes grapes grown on 600 hectares of partner vineyards) in the picturesque valley of Yalpug Lake. The unique terroir is expressed in wines from European varieties, as well as local ones – Odessa Black and Sukholimansky. The winery offers several types of wines: Villa Tinta (dry ordinary wines from local and European varieties), Tintarella (sparkling wines using the Charmat-Martinotti technology), Tinta (semi-sweet blended wines).

The quality of wines, in addition to valuable terroir, is ensured by modern equipment and a high level of qualification of winemakers. It should be emphasized that this is regularly confirmed at professional competitions.

Villa Tinta actively promotes and promotes its wines in Ukraine and internationally. This spring, together with the best Ukrainian wines at the Wines of Ukraine general stand, the company took part in ProWein in Dusseldorf, Vyno dienos in Vilnius and London Wine Fair, which is an official exhibition partner of Drinks+ and Wine Travel Awards. Also, the wonderful wines of this winery were brightly presented at the wine events Wine&Spirits Ukraine and Vinnytsia Wine Days held in Ukraine.

Vinnytsia Wine Days 2023 is a new wine event in our country, which was launched this year, despite the war and destruction in the country. These days of wine culture included exhibitions and tastings, professional conferences and master classes, as well as the All-Ukrainian tasting competitions Odesa Wine&Spirit Awards and “Best Odesa black”. Blind tastings were conducted by 12 members of the expert jury according to the rules and standards of the International Organization of Grapes and Wine OIV. 22 producers who presented 33 wine samples took part in the “Best Odesa Black” competition. According to the results of this competition, Villa Tinta Odessa Black 2020 premium collection and Villa Tinta Odessa Black 2019 VIP collection received gold.

As part of the Wine&Spirits Ukraine 2023 exhibition, held in Kyiv on March 29-31, the international Ukraine Wine&Spirits Awards tasting competition was traditionally held, with the support and participation of the Association of Sommeliers of Ukraine and the International Association of Sommeliers in accordance with the standards of the International Organization of Grapes and Wine OIV. This competition of indomitable Ukrainian winemakers, who continued their peaceful cause even during the war, under shelling and missile attacks, became a record number of platinum and gold medals!

According to the results of the Ukraine Wine&Spirits Awards 2023, Villa Tinta received five gold and three silver medals – the winners were eight of the eight samples submitted for tasting.

Villa Tinta Odessa Black 2019 VIP collection, Villa Tinta Odessa Black 2020, Villa Tinta Cabernet 2019 VIP wine selection, Villa Tinta Cabernet 2020, Villa tinta Merlot 2018 VIP wine selection were awarded gold. Silver went to Villa Tinta Irsai Oliver 2020, Villa Tinta Riesling 2019, Villa Tinta Sukholimansky 2020.

We also congratulate and are proud of Villa Tinta’s tasting results at the International Wine & Spirit Competition. After all, this is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world, in the framework of which Villa Tinta Odesa Black 2019 VIP wine selection won silver, receiving 91 points from eminent judges.

The Villa Tinta winery is a member of the “Danube Bessarabia” Association of Grape Growers and Winemakers and part of the “Road of Wine and Taste of Ukrainian Bessarabia” – the winner of the Wine Travel Awards 2022-2023 in the nomination The Visiting Card of the Country/Region of the year.

We wish Villa Tinta new victories at wine competitions and sustainable development in a peaceful country!


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