Incendiary dances at the Villa Tinta winery: the harvest season has begun

Mid-August, the last days of dreamy silence in the vineyards of Villa Tinta are over. And already the pickers are sleeping in rows, freeing the vines from the heavy bunches grown under the scorching Bessarabian sun. #VillaTinta 2020 vintage begins its journey to the winery…
How can you miss such an important moment in the production of your favorite wine?
Villa Tinta invites you to a harvest festival!

Oh, and it’s not easy, and it’s a responsible business – pressing grapes in a tub. But it drags on… Be careful, so quietly, you may not come to your senses and start to understand vinification, clarification…
Thank you to our lovely guests for joining Irshai Oliver’s press.

Who else wants to lay a hand / foot on the new Villa Tinta 2020 vintage?
The season of picking white varieties will continue for another month: according to Irshai Oliver, the turn comes for muscat varieties, Chardonnay…
Until the middle of October, you can join the collection of red varieties. We strongly recommend visiting our winery at this time – when the vineyards begin to change color.
Odesa Black stands out among the plantings – a bright crimson color – an artist’s dream!

Observation tower at Villa Tinta vineyards

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