“Riesling” TM Villla Tinta 2019

Soils: Loamy

  • Size of case:
  • Cases per pallet:
  • Bottles per pallet:
  • Layers per pallet:
  • Weight per pallet:
  • Boxes per layer:
  • the volume fraction of ethyl alcohol is 12.0-13.0% vol.,
  • the mass concentration of sugars is no more than 3 g/dm³,
  • the mass concentration of titrated acids is 5-7 g/dm³.

Winemaking technology:

Wine is made by full fermentation of must from Riesling grapes.

Color and tasting notes:

The color is from pale yellow to medium yellow. The wine is a dry, medium- bodied with moderate acidity and alcohol with  the aroma of fresh cut grass , mango and pear, light Hudron notes.

Taste is balanced with medium acidity and fresh notes.

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