Villa Tinta winery is under quarantine

Весна на виноградниках

Despite the quarantine, life at the winery and vineyards goes on as usual.

We managed to complete the pruning work started with the guests on Triforna Zarezan before the introduction of quarantine. And this is, not a little, not a lot, 550 hectares of vineyards with more than a dozen technical varieties with their own peculiarities in care. So currently, only a small group of workers, in compliance with all quarantine rules, is engaged in repairing vines, mulching, weeding and other ongoing work.

Трифон Зарезан: початок обрізки виноргаду на виноградниках Villa Tinta
Trifon Zarezan: the start of grape pruning in the vineyards of Villa Tinta

A new bottling of aged Cahor Villa Tinta 2017 is underway at the winery – until the Easter holidays, our stocks will be enough for everyone. In 2018, it was this cohort that became the best in Ukraine and received silver at the Ukraine Wine&Spirits Awards. If you tasted it last year, it will surely surprise you this year as well.

Кагор Villa Tinta
Cahors Villa Tinta

Kahor is available to order online on its own or as part of an Easter basket from the Wine and Taste Road of Ukrainian Bessarabia. You can add a bottle of Villa Tinta to your basket along with aged craft cheeses from Shchedra Okolitsia and cured meat delicacies from Balkan Yastiya.

Великодній кошик від Догори вина та смаку Української Бессарабії
Easter basket from Dohora wine and taste of Ukrainian Bessarabia

During the quarantine period, the winery does not accept guests, but together with colleagues from the Wine and Taste Route of Ukrainian Bessarabia, it is already preparing interesting tourist trips for visitors. And if you miss the open spaces and endless southern sky, you can always open a bottle of wine and remember the time spent at Villa Tinta. 

Келих Tintarella Rosé на даху виноробні
A glass of Tintarella Rosé on the roof of the winery

Especially since Villa Tinta is preparing new products for you! Our line of dessert wines will soon be replenished with two aged wines from the 2017 vintage. But about that later! Life goes on, the winery lives, the wines develop and get richer during aging, so everything will be fine!

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