Does a glass of wine replace an hour of exercise?

Винна аеробіка Вілла Тінта

In the press you can find a lot of information about the benefits of red wines. And you can see information about the results of a study by Canadian scientists from the University of Alberta, according to which a glass of red wine can even replace an hour of sports! Is everyone so simple?

From the point of view of nutrition, grapes are interesting primarily for their polyphenols, and especially for flavonoids, which are not synthesized in the human body. What are they valuable for? In the human body, polyphenols control and normalize metabolic processes at the cellular level, and also exhibit antibacterial, antiviral, and antioxidant properties.

Villa Tinta red wines: Merlot, Cabernet and Odesa Black

They effectively fight free radicals, which cause numerous diseases and lead to premature aging. Polyphenols are necessary for increased physical and mental stress, for stress, for adverse ecology, for reduced immunity, and in old age.

Polyphenols are not water-soluble compounds, but they are very soluble in ethylene. Therefore, the consumption of fresh grapes is not able to provide a sufficient amount of these important substances. In the production process, they turn into wine, while retaining their useful properties.

Villa Tinta red wine
Red wines are rich in polyphenols

The world-famous french paradox – the low level of cardiovascular diseases in the French, despite the predominance of bread and bakery products, fatty meat and butter in traditional French gastronomy, is directly related to the culture of their daily consumption of red wine.

A group of researchers (Gronbaek M., Muntwyler J., Gaziano J., Hoffmeister H., Hart C., etc.) conducted research involving about 300,000 people and concluded that daily consumption of 150-300 ml of wine significantly reduces the risk deaths from cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, increasing the dose increases the risk of complications of existing diseases.

And yet, a glass of wine does not replace an hour of exercise. In order not to disappoint lovers of red wines and their beneficial properties, we nevertheless note that the study in question showed a positive effect of resveratrol, one of the polyphenolic components of wine, on building muscle mass and heart rate during exercise … in mice .

Odessa Black
Odesa black is especially valuable due to its content of polyphenolic compounds

Which is all the better for us humans who can get polyphenols naturally with red wines! And since it is important to consume any alcohol within reasonable limits, it is worth paying attention to the concentration of polyphenolic compounds in different varieties, and here Odessa black is more than interesting with more than 300 mg of these substances in a glass, against 216 mg on average for red wines.

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